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Self Acceptance; The prequel to Self-Mastery & Stepping into Your Power

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Self-acceptance tips, How to accept yourself

“Step into your Power” is a phrase you may have heard a few times before but what does that mean? How does one go about stepping into their power to create a life they want? These questions rattled in my mind for months on end as I experienced that ebbs and flows, ups and downs, ins and outs of a spiritual awakening.  This would be the third time that I’d woken to a new level of thinking, being, and existing.  In the process, I found clarity to those questions. I’m writing this in hopes that you may find something useful to help you along your path.

Acceptance of Self – Extremely easier said than done but is 100% worth the effort.

“Personal power cannot be achieved without first acknowledging and accepting all of you.” - Ki, The FreakShow Babe

To truly accept who you are, you will need to do self-discovery.  If you haven’t noticed yet, this journey is all about YOU, the Self, and how it relates to your bigger picture.  The only right answer on your journey is the one YOU discover. To start the process or go deeper on your journey to understanding yourself here a few ideas that I found to be beneficial:

  • Journaling: Guided journaling or freestyle journaling are great options to explore your thoughts and uncover hidden facets about yourself that you may have overlooked. The goal is to be honest with your thoughts as this journal is private and personal to you.  If you’re worried that someone may read it, consider using a secure note app or feature on your smartphone.  Get started now and visit this link for a free Self-Discovery journaling worksheet to get a jumpstart.
  • Outdoor / Nature Walks: Getting outside for a 5 to 10 minute walk a few times a week allowed me to use active meditation to focus more on my surroundings and begin to silence the noise. Just the act of taking note of the crisp fall feeling in the air or observing a bird on a nearby tree gave me the ability to slow down just enough to create an opening for deeper levels of thinking. Click here to listen to a free 5-Minute Walking Guided Meditation.
  • Spending Time Alone: Rarely does one have the time to just sit with themselves and exist in the essence of who they are, but this can be a rewarding catalyst to going deeper within. When you take the time to sit alone and in the stillness, you create space to hear your thoughts and may even begin to have dialog with yourself. This can be combined with being in the great outdoors or resting quietly on the couch. Creating this space gives a break in your calendar to put you first. Aim to save about 5-10 minutes each day for this. Just before bed is an excellent option as this ensures that your taskers for the day are complete and you'll have less distractions. Make this official by adding it to your calendar as a standing appointment with yourself or simply setting a daily alarm on your phone.  
  • Birth Chart Reading: Your Natal or Birth Chart is a snapshot of the stars on the day you were born. Much information can be gathered about who you are and some of the themes in your early childhood that may have an impact on your life today. Becoming aware of these subtle energies can open you up to understanding the why behind some of your values and ideas. Many have found that a natal chart reading can allow you review earlier events in your life with a different perspective. On your mission of self-discovery, this can be a helpful tool at uncovering hidden strengths and facets about yourself that you may have dismissed or overlooked. Click here to get a personalized 13 Sign True Sidereal Birth Chart Interpretation.


The path of Self-Discovery is one that’s ongoing. With each new layer you can uncover more of the magic of self. When on this journey, remember to explore the facets of yourself with compassion and understanding rather than with critical judgement. 

Sound off & Inspire Others: What tips can you share with other readers in support of this topic? Drop a comment to help the next person or share your story.  We are strong, but we are stronger together. 

BONUS Content: Listen to the podcast episode that sparked this article to gain greater insight on the subject. 


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