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13 Zodiac Sidereal Birth Chart Reading

"As above, so below." Learn what the stars say about you. Order your birth chart using the 13 Zodiac True Sidereal Astrology method.  

This method uses the real night sky with natural movements of the planets, true measurements of each zodiac, and includes the constellation Ophiuchus. Due to the nature of the natural movement patterns of the planets and the use of the true size of the constellations, your sun sign via True Sidereal Astrology may differ than what you've come to know in Western Astrology. Enjoy your reading with an open mind and curiosity. 

If you find that you are "married" to the idea that you are one sign, go within and listen to your heart on the subject. You may find that you are a beautifully blended mosaic of both. 

What you'll get:

  • Detailed Birth Chart Reading delivered in PDF using 13 Zodiac Sidereal (Ancient) Astrology method 

*Information is for entertainment purposes only. Knowledge gained is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace the information given by a qualified professional. *